aecs Atomic Energy Central School, Kaiga
परमाणु ऊर्जा केन्द्रीय विद्यालय, कैगा
तत्तवं पूषन्नपावृणुं | Let education help us see truth and virtue.
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Excellence through efficiency

Education is modification of human behavior. Education is manifestation of perfection that is already present in men. Education is perfect acquisition of knowledge and then its application. So go definitions of ‘Education' but what inspires me the most is 'Education is what remains even after what all learnt has been forgotten’. Yes, men may come and men may go, pieces of information are acquired and forgotten but there is something which becomes inherent in social and personal behavior of men through education which serves the mankind and that is what the schools are meant and built for. As Dr.S.Radha Krishnan , an all time great educationist put it “ A school is a miniature society which opens up the horizons of mind “. Yes, a student who adjusts well in a school environment will easily adapt to the society, its needs and challenges.

The aim of a school must be to teach to co-exist, acquire team spirit and in short , to prepare socially adaptable citizens of tomorrow. Preparing scholars who have no concern for fellow beings is like preparing social wrecks. A school must cater to the future and present requirement of mankind taking in to account the contemporary world. A school is not merely a structure with walls, rooms, furniture and fittings. Rather it is a home away from home where values are imbibed in young minds and has flesh, blood and human elements in it. Mere absence of diseases doesn’t signify good health but a healthy citizen must have a positive attitude towards plants,animals,peers and must be socially and emotionally adaptable to all the situations.

A good school teaches the students to live in harmony with nature, to love plants and animals, to protect the environment, to conserve forest wealth, to rise to occasions at the domestic, social and national fronts and to protest against injustice, discrimination, violence and anti-democracy. Such a school is the school for excellence and that is what we strive for at AECS, Kaiga under the aegis of Atomic Energy Education Society.

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